Actega continues supplying Koenig and Bauer

Actega has been supplying consumables for inline finishing to Koenig and Bauer since November 2016 and has now agreed to continue this arrangement for the next five years.

Actega uses its annual calendar to demonstrate various effects, which are produced on a Koenig & Bauer press

Koenig and Bauer has included the Actega starter kits with coating products for inline finishing with every new Rapida installation for some 58 countries worldwide, as well as also using these products at its demo centres. 

Dirk Winkler, head of print technology at Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed, commented: “Our cooperation with Actega is driving the development of finishing technologies and benefits our users directly. Coatings, presses and processes are matched precisely to each other, as the key to reproducible quality results.”

The two companies have also worked together for the past ten years to produce an annual calendar for Actega, creating a range of interesting visual, haptic and olfactory effects using Rapida sheetfed offset technology with corresponding coating facilities. 

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