Koenig and Bauer updates Qualitronic press control

Koenig and Bauer has announced QualiTronic NextGeneration, the latest version of the inline control system for its Rapida offset presses.

The console monitor now shows the screen displays of the measuring and control systems.

This release represents a restructuring of the inline measurement functions with a new platform for further developments in the future. Essentially, Koenig and Bauer is taking a more modular approach to make it easier for customers to combine different Qualitronic modules.

These include ColorControl, which is the base module that everyone uses for inline colour measurement and control. It uses a camera that scans the entire area of every single sheet plus an inline colour regulation system that provides rapid colour optimisation to help minimise the makeready time between two print jobs. This new version is faster and processes that required manual intervention, such as the definition of the colour bars and job-specific data inputs now happen automatically in the background. It also shows the measured values vertically so that operators can see all the printing units in the same view.

There’s also PrintCheck, for production monitoring. This has been greatly simplified and automated, with job data imported in the background while the inspection parameters – once a science in themselves – are determined automatically, while the system even starts up automatically and saves a PDF report.

There’s an alternative module, PDFCheck, which offers both sheet inspection and comparison of the printed sheet against a pre-press PDF. Customers can use it to add SheetIdent for sheet numbering and there’s a new PileView function to enable virtual assessment of the good and waste sheets within a printed pile.

The advantage of this is that the different modules draw on the same hardware, which should save costs for both the initial investment and maintenance. This also deals with the problem of trying to install multiple system in the limited amount of space that’s typical of most press units. The QualiTronic NextGeneration hardware can be installed at any position on the press so that the colour measurement and inspection can both be implemented at the same location.

A further advantage of the QualiTronic NextGeneration approach is that most of the input forms and displays can all be found on the touchscreen monitor of the ErgoTronic console along with all the other functions of the press. Important functions and displays can be called up with two taps on the touchscreen monitor. The dispalys have also been streamlined with clear graphic elements and an absolute minimum of text.

This should also make operating the press quicker and more intuitive. Indeed, users are already reporting that training and familiarisation is much quicker and that there are less errors.

The new system is available to order now. Further details from Koenig and Bauer’s website.

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