Toray releases new waterless label plate

Toray Graphics, which specializes in developing waterless offset plate technology, has introduced a new plate for label printers, the Imprima LJ.

Toray has developed this Imprima LJ waterless offset plate for label applications.

This is a thermal negative CTP plate that’s imaged at 830nm. It’s an aluminium plate, with a 0.30mm gauge, available in most standard sizes. It offers screening at 1-99% with 36 micron FM or hybrid screening, and 2-98% with AM screening at 175 lpi. Toray claims that it has high ink coverage, though, let’s face it, there wouldn’t be much use in a plate that didn’t do this.

It’s mainly aimed at the label market though Toray says that it’s also suitable for CD/DVDs, loyalty cards, metal decoration and for printing on non-absorbent substrates.

It will run on both web and sheetfed presses and can be used with UV inks and is compatible with all waterless inks. Toray is quoting run length, other than to say that this depends on resolution, press, chemicals, ink and paper conditions, and all the other variables in running an offset press.

It’s said to be a robust plate with a high resistance to chemicals. It’s a water-washable plate so there’s no need for any chemicals in the developing process, and it can be processed in most available waterless processors. Nor is there any need for post-baking or any kind of plate finisher. It can be processed at a rate of 30-80 cm/min.

Toray claims that it has a long shelf life and can withstand up to three hours of daylight under standard safe-light conditions, which should make it reasonably easy to handle. 

Toray is also planning to introduce another version of this plate, the Imprima WJ, which presumably will be for coldest/ heatset web offset use. 

You can find further details on Toray’s plate line-up here.

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