Screen develops blue ink for label press

Screen has developed a new blue ink for its Truepress Jet L350UV+ inkjet label press, which should be available worldwide from June 2019. 

Screen has introduced a blue ink spot colour for its L350UV+ inkjet label press.

Screen says that the new blue ink will allow the press to reproduce blue colours in corporate designs that were previously difficult using process colours alone. It should also be able to print a wide range of blue tones that are frequently used on packaging for things such as cosmetics, toiletries and body care products.

The press can be configured with up to six printheads, for CMYK plus white, and one spot colour. Screen already offers an orange ink, which is particularly useful for food packaging where there tends to be a lot of oranges, reds and warmer colours for both logos and products.

Martijn van den Broek, marketing manager for Screen Europe, points out that 30 percent of the brands are using some kind of blue in their corporate colours, saying: “When people see it, I think they will want it, but in reality some of those blues may only be important to printers who serve big colour critical companies with such corporate colours & big enough volumes to justify the investment in the extra row of heads.”

However, he notes that Screen can already achieve quite a wide gamut with its CMYK inks, adding: “Also possibly some will see it as a differentiator to gain new business. We definitely see a market, but again, because of the existing strong CMYK set, we feel not every label converter may want to invest.”

There is a low migration version of the L350UV+ but for now this ink is only suitable for use with the standard model. Screen is however working on the certification for a low migration version, which should be available in early 2020. 

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