Tilia announces cloud solution

Canadian software house Tilia Labs, which has developed a range of imposition and planning solutions, has unveiled a new offering, Tilia Cloud, to help printers better manage their data online.

Tilia Labs has developed the Tilia Cloud, an online platform that will allow different software systems to be connected together.

This is a cloud-based IoT toolkit that’s been developed for printing and packaging. The idea is to gather data in real-time from connected devices and to pull useful information from that data to automate actions. It also enables companies to share licenses and to centralise resources

Sagen de Jonge, Tilia Lab’s CEO, says that the company has been working on this concept for some time now, explaining: “It’s built on a scaleable cloud system so without us putting in too much effort it can scale from tens to hundreds of thousands of users. We are quite a small company so that’s important to us because we don’t want to dedicate the resources to have lots of people supporting this system.”

He adds: “We have built the system with micro servers and have made a generic platform using AWS but could use any other system such as Google because it’s not platform dependent. But the way we have designed it allows us to use things like Lambda functions as a service and scaleable database.”

He says that the system has a very flexible approach to security so that users can put their own security in place, and that this can go right down to limiting access to individual folders. User accounts are kept separate and each individual user has to expressly give permission to share any data with another account. 

But the real strength of the system lies in its ability to automatically generate code to connect different systems – what de Jonge refers to as the ‘crud code that takes a long time to write’ – and which will speed up the development and integration of different layers of software. 

De Jonge explains: “When systems communicate effectively, smarter cost-based decisions can be made in real-time.” He adds: “Tilia Cloud makes this possible by offering automated communication across an open but data-secure framework. Our technology not only provides scalable connectivity and integration capabilities for today but opens up the infinite opportunities of IoT to expedite ongoing business improvements and innovations along the entire value chain.”

For now, Tilia has created an interesting platform but there’s clearly the potential to build a lot more around this and I expect that we will hear more on this as we get closer to Drupa. In the meantime, you can read more about Tilia Labs at its website here

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