Thermoflexx updates its flexo plate imagers

ThermoFlexx is to launch a number of flexo plate imagers at this coming Drupa. This includes redesigned versions of the ThermoFlexx 20 and 30 models, which have gained features from the larger machines in the range.

Thus these imagers now offer a choice of resolutions from 2,400 dpi to 5,080 dpi, which allows the production of halftone screens of 250 lpi, suitable for intricate, high quality work. Furthermore, resolution can be changed on the fly so that jobs with different resolutions can be produced on the same plate.

The heart of these machines is the imaging system, which is made up of three independent modules, the motor, laser and optics, any of which can be easily replaced. This makes the servicing easier and should allow for remote optical fine-tuning.

These models also gain an easy-to-use clamping system with auto-drum locking, convenient plate loading, a comprehensive user interface and an integrated carbon filter system.

Christophe Lievens, director sales and marketing for basysPrint and ThermoFlexx, added: “The ThermoFlexX vacuum slider is almost famous in the field of digital flexo plate imagers. The vacuum to areas of the drum not mounted can easily be cut off by moving a slider to the edge of the plate. This removes the need to apply special tape, or alternatively cutting plates to fit the unused part of the drum. The operator can fit and expose plate off-cuts that would otherwise normally be thrown away.”

ThermoFlexx has also developed a dual head version of its largest machines, the ThermoFlexX 80-D. This will be shown at Drupa with a new pixel-stitching functionality that allows both lasers to be combined to expose one job covering a complete plate. Lievens says that this will greatly improve productivity, explaining: “By positioning the first head at the beginning of the drum, and the second head half-way along, each will expose 50% of the plate and a seamless pixel stitch will be made where one laser has stopped and the other started.”

The same system will also be available for the ThermoFlexx 60-D.

Thermoflexx, which is owned by Xeikon, will share its stand with Flint’s Flexographic products division, following Flint’s acquisition of Xeikon.

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