Agfa announces platesetter with pallet loading

Agfa has added a new platesetter, the Advantage N-PL to its violet newspaper CtP range. This can image up to 400 plates per hour.

The new device can take up to 3100 plates before it needs to be reloaded thanks to an integrated pallet load module. This module supports two different plate formats – single plates and panorama plates. It can be loaded with either two stacks, each of 1,500 single plates, or one stack of 1,500 panorama plates. In addition, an extra 100 plates can be loaded on top.

The pallet load module has a light protection shutter that can be inserted between the empty stack and the online stack so that plates can be loaded under white light. Plates can be loaded through the back or the side of the machine.

Emiel Sweevers, marketing manager for Agfa’s newspaper engines, explains: “The plate stacks are protected by a transport harness until they are moved to the online position inside the Advantage N-PL. That, together with the light protective shutter, allows printers to load a new stack without needing yellow light conditions.”

The pallet load module is also available as an upgrade for both the Advantage N-TR HS and the Advantage N-TR VHS platesetters.

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