Tharstern enhances its MIS

Tharstern has added three new modules for its Tharstern MIS for handling direct mail, sign installations and mobile inventories.

The Tharstern MIS now has a Direct Mail tool for capturing details from an estimate.

There’s a new Direct Mail add-on tool that allows users to capture all the details of a direct mail campaign in an estimate, including manufactured products, supplied items, postage and internal processes such as data handling. 

The Installation Services feature can be used to create estimates for projects that include additional services related to the installation of these products, such as labour, machinery hire and pick and pack charges. This feature will be particularly useful for point of sale or signage printers who supply to large companies with varying store profiles, or multi-site organisations with differing needs.

And the third feature, is a new Mobile Inventory tool, which is a web app designed for use on the latest handheld barcode scanning devices, smartphones or tablets. Warehouse personnel can now perform a full range of inventory tasks without requiring access to a Tharstern terminal, including, moving stock, issuing stock, item check, location checks and much more.

Chris Burn, head of Product at Tharstern, explains: “The demand from our existing customers for estimates involving services such as direct mail and installations has been on the rise for some time, so doing something major in this area has been on our wish list for a while. We have been working on it throughout all of last year and it has undergone product testing at a UK direct mail house.”

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