Supply Chain Wizard develops OEE Tracker

Consultancy firm Supply Chain Wizard has developed an analytics-based tool, OEE Tracker, to improve the overall equipment efficiency of pharmaceutical packaging and manufacturing lines in a cost-effective, expedited fashion. OEE is a recognized term meaning Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

OEE Tracker, developed by consultancy firm Supply Chain Wizard, aims to help optimize packaging production lines.

Essentially it’s a shop floor data collection system that aims to counter any slowdown in a packaging production line caused by the implementation of serialization and traceability solutions by analyzing each production line to assess the most efficient practices for that particular set-up. Mainly this seems to be about handling the enormous amounts of data that track and trace solutions can throw up. Evren Ozkaya, CEO of Supply Chain Wizard, explained: “The key to OEE improvement is the digitization of manual data collection methods, along with the utilization of data sharing and reporting tools.”

The OEE Tracker can be set up in one day and tracks each operator activity/task in real-time. Ozkaya said: “Sharing these digitized results greatly increases effective communication between line operators, engineers and managers, and helps them make thoughtful, data-driven decisions for improving efficiency.”

It can show Eight predefined reports with details of performance and root causes of shortcomings and opportunities for improvements. There’s also an advanced analytics package that supports scheduling optimization and “keep or buy” decisions for best asset replacement and predictive maintenance.

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