Esko adds camera to Kongsberg tables

Esko has added an additional Camera to its Kongsberg cutting tables to save time when cutting corrugated boards.

The Kongsberg C66 cutting table comes with i-cut Production Console.

The Flip-Side camera is meant to be used alongside a Feeder and Stacker. The idea is that the camera scans the underside of the sheet to locate registration marks, plus barcodes containing set-up instructions as well as the corner of the sheet. Knowing where the registration marks are in reference to the corner should lead to accurate cutting and creasing with little or no operator intervention.

Esko estimates that it will save 20 to 30 minutes of manual set-up time when producing corrugated boards for applications such as in-store displays.

This Flip-Side camera solution will be demonstrated at the Fespa show on a Kongsberg C64 cutting table equipped with a Feeder and Stacker.

Russell Weller, Product Manager, said: “Visitors will be amazed at how much this innovation can improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), a key to ensuring rapid ROI for equipment investments. The Flip-Side Camera is just one of many Esko productivity innovations that will be on display at the show.”

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