Sun Chemical launches SunLit Publish ink

Sun Chemical has completed the roll-out of its SunLit Publish series of premium sheetfed offset process inks, which were initially introduced to some European markets but are now also available worldwide.

Sun Chemical produces a wide range of different inks.

This ink has been formulated for high-speed printing and high mechanical resistance, without scuffing and smearing, on a wide variety of paper stocks, which Sun Chemical claims will make for easier handling during post-press work. Thus when trimming the bleed, for example, the edges of books and brochures remain uncoloured, even with adjoining dark images. The ink is said to produce balanced colour reproduction and high print gloss, especially on matt or semi-matt paper that doesn’t require a water-based or oil-based coating. As such it should be suitable for jobs such as business reports, art catalogues, four-colour books and brochures.

SunLit Publish is fully compliant with ISO 2846-1 (colour and transparency standards) and enables printers to achieve ISO 12647-2 (Process Standard Offset) standard tolerances. It also provides perfect grey tonal neutrality (grey balance).

Dr Bernhard Fritz, Sun Chemical’s product manager for Sheetfed Systems in Europe, comments: “We’ve been delighted with the feedback we’ve received from customers in the countries in which SunLit Publish has been available. It therefore made clear commercial sense to offer the ink series to the rest of our customers across the world, so that they can also enjoy the productivity benefits of using SunLit Publish.”

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