SPG launches new garment ink

SPG Prints has announced a new range of Nebula Acid HD inks, which will be shown at the Febratex exhibiton in Brazil this August.

These new inks are meant for use with materials such as Polyamide (PA) Lycra swimwear, luxury silk items like fashion scarves and neck ties, and wools. They meet all industry standards for colour and water-fastness, and the specifications for all major swimwear manufacturers.

They are designed to work with Kyocera print heads. They are said to offer increased colour depth and improved runnability. Jos Notermans, commercial manager digital textiles for SPGPrints, added: “These inks are such a major step forward in their chemistry that SPGPrints will be phasing out its current acid ink range. However, we will support customers making the transition, and help them recalibrate their colour profiles to run the new high density inks.”

These inks will be available from September 2016, initially in CMYK, orange, red, blue and grey.

SPG will also use the same show to demonstrate its Javelin inkjet printer, which is aimed at companies printing up to two million metres of textiles annually. The Javelin uses a Fujifilm Samba print array with 1200 dpi resolution and variable-sized droplets from 2pl to 10 pl. It has a print width of 1850mm.

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