SpectroPocket for Android to launch at Ipex

The Swiss manufacturer Digital Information will be launching a new mobile colour management solution at the Ipex show. SpectroPocket for Android is billed as the world’s first system for measuring discrete colour patches on different substrates and displaying the recorded colour values on any mobile Android device.

The actual measurement can be done via a standard spectrophotometer, though for now the software only supports the i1 Pro, i1Pro 2, and ColorMunki Design devices from X-Rite.
SpectroPocket for Android is a compact, portable, box-shaped device with integrated software and rechargeable USB battery which connects directly to the spectral measuring device via USB and then sends the results to the Smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Users can view all the display modes on the Android device, including spectral remission values as figures and curves, as well as LAB, density, XYZ and RGB values. Colour differences between two measurements are shown as Delta E. Perfect colour densities derived from spectral measurements are calculated by the BestMatch function.

All of these measurements can be exported or imported as standard CxF (Color Exchange Format) format files, or transmitted to another Android device.

SpectroPocket for Android should be available shortly and will cost €299 for the SpectroPocket Box plus €59.00 for the Android App.

Digital Information has said that it also plans to launch SpectroPocket Report, an Internet-based colour database that has grown out of Digital Information’s InkZone Report. This will allow users to view and manage the colour data from their SpectroPocket on the Web.

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