Ricoh expands C7200 family

Ricoh has added a new model to its C7200 series of digital production presses. The C7200sl is an entry level model aimed at corporate print rooms. Or maybe it’s just a rebadged C7100?

This Ricoh C7200sl is an entry-level production printer aimed at corporate print rooms.

The original press release said it was based on the much older C7100, rather than the newer C7200 that was announced earlier this year as a replacement to the C7100-series. However, when I queried this I was told that it was actually based on a C7200, and then that there wasn’t much difference between the C7100 and C7200, which will doubtless be reassuring for anyone considering upgrading from a C7100 to a C7200. Sadly, no one at Ricoh wanted to talk about this printer, which speaks volumes about the confidence they have in it.

Anyway, whether or not Ricoh has actually based the SL on the C7100, it has gained some of the features of the C7200 models, including the 85ppm speed, the newer toner, improved registration and the ability to print long sheets up to 1260mm simplex and 700mm duplex. It can also take media up to 360gsm, without slowing down on the heavier stocks. But it’s not clear as to whether or not the SL also has the inline sensors or automated calibration that ensures the colours stay true from the start of the run to the end and which are really what gives the C7200 its edge. There’s also a more limited choice of front ends, including either an embedded EFI E-35A Fiery or Ricoh’s GWNX print server.

The result is a printer that’s cheaper than the rest of the C7200 series but still able to handle the volume of work though without the productivity and automation of the more expensive models. As such, it’s aimed firmly at the corporate print room market. Naturally no one at Ricoh will comment on the price though this seems to be the defining characteristic of this model. It’s also worth noting that a refurbished C7100 might be a better bet for some customers.

One thought on “Ricoh expands C7200 family

  1. The original press release clearly states that the C7200 “series” is based on the the previous (but not “much” older) C7100 series of machines. The press release for the C7200sl shows that it is another version in the C7200 family of machines, of which there are 10 unique versions. The only difference in the C7200sl is that it has a less expensive controller, the E35a. While the C7100 series has been very successful, there are some new, marked improvements included in the C7200 series, that make the new machines a great match for most customer’s needs.

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