Prodways acquires Surdifuse-L’Embout Français

The French additive manufacturing company Prodways has acquired Surdifuse-L’Embout Français, which specialises in manufacturing customized ear tips as used in products such as hearing aids. 

Prodways aims to become a leading supplier of personalised ear tips.

This is a fairly obvious application for 3D printing as it allows these products to be customised to individual wearer’s ears. Surdifuse-L’Embout Français is a major player in this market and has been using 3D printing for 50 percent of its manufacturing process, though not Prodways’ equipment. 

Prodways is aiming to becoming a leading European supplier in this area, having already acquired another manufacturer of ear tips, Interson-Protac, back in 2017. The Paris-based Surdifuse merged with L’Embout Francais Laboratoires, based in Lyon, in 2017 with the combined company having 40 staff across the two sites. Prodways will now integrate all these companies together under a single brand name to strengthen its own push into the medical sector. This will presumably entail some reorganization, if only to ensure that whatever survives of these three companies is using Prodways equipment though the company didn’t want to be drawn on the details of this other than to say that it will happen sometime this year. Prodways has paid cash for Surdifuse-L’Embout Français, but hasn’t disclosed the figure, though it expects this acquisition to generate revenue of more than €3 million in this financial year. 

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