Prodways sells first ProMaker LD10

Prodways has had a good start to this year, with the first sales of its ProMaker LD-10 3D printers to leading dental laboratories in Italy, Germany and the United States.

Prodways’ LD series is a compact and affordable use of the MovingLight technology.

The LD-10 is based on Prodways’ MovingLight technology, which offers both high productivity and high precision. But the LD-10 comes in a more compact and versatile format and at an affordable price of less than €100,000 for the first models in the range. It’s targeted at the dental sector with a range of matching resins for things like crowns and bridges, as well as dental aligners and splints and for casting fixed crowns or stellites.

Prodways has also announced new resins for its MovingLight machines, including a 3D printing resin dedicated to surgical guide applications and temporary bridge crowns and new 3D printing material for hearing aids. These have come about as a direct result of Prodways recent acquisition of the French dental laboratory, Cristal, as well as Interson Protac, a leading French company that makes ear tips for hearing aids and customised hearing protectors.

In addition, Prodways has also sold a ProMaker P4500 HT, to an unnamed company manufacturing aircraft. The HT in the name stands for high temperature, with this printer capable of temperatures up to 220ºC, which combined with its large build platform of 400mm x 400mm x 600mm should make it attractive to the aerospace market. This particular printer will be used in R&D to develop new applications and design parts with complex geometries and aerodynamic properties that are difficult to manufacture with standard methods for parts used in engines, turbines, aeroplane wings or cabin interiors.

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