Photoshop CC announced

Adobe has announced details of the latest version of Photoshop, which will now become Photoshop CC and will only be available through the Creative Cloud service. The new Photoshop CC also includes all the tools found in both the standard and Extended editions of Photoshop.
There are a number of new tools for such things as deblurring and sharpening, as well as a new Camera Shake Reduction tool.
There’s also a new version of Adobe Camera Raw, which has a new Advanced Healing brush that uses brush strokes rather than circular area, plus an Upright tool that automatically straightens horizons and applies perspective corrections without distorting the image.
Adobe has also previewied a new workflow from Photoshop CC to Edge Reflow CC that will enable creatives to build web designs in Photoshop that can easily be turned into responsive websites, viewable across devices.

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