Onyx 11 RIP released

Onyx Graphics has released v11 of its eponymous RIP for wide format printers.There’s an emphasis on improving productivity, through useful features such as automatically rotating jobs as they are opened. Jobs can be easily sized and cropped and there are tools to quickly adjust images.
It uses a new job ticketing systems and users can input job identification numbers from their own job tracking system, customer data and job-specific notes.This data can be tracked and edited in RIP-Queue and the job editor module as well as the Thrive Production Manager module. 
On the colour front, Onyx has gained ChromaBoost, which is claimed to improve the appearance of bright colours on difficult-to-profile media, increasing the colour intensity by as much as 40 percent. It also supports spectral calibration to keep on top of colour management. There’s a new swatch book tool for printing variations of a colour to determine the best match for output.
The job properties window has been redesigned and now includes a new “sewing marks” tool that automatically adds printed guidelines, helping reduce overall finishing time.
Onyx also has an option that allows developers to build connections from their workflow software to the RIP, called Onyx Connect. It can take information such as estimated ink consumption, media usage and production times. It also includes the ability to automate job submission through JDF and hot folders It can also be used to add remote access to the printed job information through the browser-based Onyx Thrive.

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