Offset plates to rise in price

Kodak has announced a price rise for its offset printing plates, which follows a similar announcement from Agfa earlier this month. Both companies have cited dramatic increases in the cost of raw aluminium with plate prices set to rise by around 10 percent .

Kodak’s Sonora X is a process-free plate that’s suitable for long press runs.

John O’Grady, president of Kodak’s Print Systems Division, explained: “With aluminum prices now reaching multi-year highs, it has become necessary to institute a plates price increase.  While Kodak has worked diligently to reduce its own costs to lessen the impact of aluminum, the delta has become too great for us to bear, while maintaining our brand promise as a supplier of quality plates to the industry.” 

However, O’Grady added that Kodak is “exploring different business models to reduce the effect of aluminum volatility on our customers.” He also pointed out that the high price of aluminium meant that customers would recoup some of the extra cost when they recycled their plates.

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