Koenig and Bauer to work with Huber

Koenig & Bauer has agreed a strategic partnership with ink supplier Hubergroup to improve the products and services they offer to customers.

Koenig and Bauer’s Rapida 106 is capable of producing 20,000 sheets per hour.

As a result, Koenig & Bauer is recommending that its Rapida customers should use the conventional sheetfed offset inks from Hubergroup. The idea is that those customers that use the recommended Hubergroup inks with their Rapidas should see some improvement in quality with experts from both companies regularly exchange views in strategy workshops, particularly in terms of how the inks can be further developed to squeeze the best performance out of the presses.

Dirk Winkler, head of printing at KBA Sheetfed, says: The cooperation in the development of new ink systems and their standardization and, of course, the joint support of users, for example, in the field of food packaging, is crucial.”

He adds: “I see particular strengths in the optimum performance and stable ink-water balance. In addition, the combination of press and ink is characterised by very good colour brilliance and high print contrast, a smooth printing and excellent printing of solids.”

Craig Bretherton, product and marketing manager for Koenig and Bauer UK, says: “All the presses in our demo centre will be using Huber group inks when printing using conventional inks and most importantly the presses are benchmarked and signed off using these products.”

Bretherton says that the presses will run with inks from other vendors but explains: “We have the fastest sheet–fed press in the world with 20,000 SPH and this is where inks are working at their extremes. This is where weaknesses with other inks can start to manifest themselves.”

He adds: “It is for the same reason why we have a partnership with Toyo for LED UV as their ink currently performs better than everyone else’s above 15,000 sheets per hour which is critical for our high speed presses. This has been tested and improved in the factory and out in the field.”

You can find further details on the inks from Hubergroup and the Rapidas from Koenig and Bauer.

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