New Quark XTensions available

Quark has highlighted a number of new XTensions for its QuarkXPress 10 layout program that have been created by third party developers.

These include AutoPage by Kytek, which enables batch pagination for paginating complex books, directories and journals, ID2Q by Markzware, which converts files from Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress and ArabicXT by Layout Ltd, which transforms QuarkXPress into an Arabic desktop publishing solution.

Several of these deal with importing data from databases, such as ex DBLink by CoDesCo, which automatically updates QuarkXPress documents from a database-generated ASCII file, and Xcatalog by emsoftware, which creates transparent links between documents and databases or spreadsheets to synchronize updates to prices, product information and images.

Naturally, there’s a full list of XTensions on the website.

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