HP announces new wide format printers

HP has announced a number of new wide format printers across its range from basic latex printers through to an industrial corrugated machine.

There is a new Latex 370, a 1.6m wide machine with new 3-litre cartridges, designed to sit above the existing Latex 360 as the top machine in this range. There’s a new software developers kit for this printer so that third-party workflow and MIS developers can integrate their tools with it.

HP will also extend its Latex Mobile App to cover tablets as well as smartphones. This can remotely track jobs and send alerts to users. HP will also add other functions so that customers can monitor monthly usage by printer to track jobs while away from the shop.

The HP Scitex FB550 and FB750 now come with a tabletop roll holder design for flexible substrates, with tapered wheels for easier media loading. HP claims a 12 percent increase in productivity thanks to improved loading.

There’s a new HP Scitex 11000 flatbed, which now offers varnishing to enhance rigidity and protect against rubs.

HP has also updated its corrugated printer with a new Scitex 15500 flatbed. This printer offers automated stack to stack, hands-free operations and a media handling system – the corrugated grip – that allows it to print to warped boards. Guy Frenkel, managing director at Carmel Frenkel, comments: “There’s no need to manually bend the media before stacking, and the machine runs non-stop, so my operators are free for other activities.

HP has also partnered with Caldera to develop a branded HP Scitex Caldera GrandRIP+ solution based on Caldera’s v10 software. It includes the full Adobe PDF workflow with the new APPE 3.3 engine with extending tiling; Text&Repeat, a new page step and repeat functionality for increased productivity; and enhanced remote management capabilities within a fully-featured new interface. It works with both latex and Scitex printers.

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