Glunz & Jensen to adopt UV LED

Glunz & Jensen is to use UV LED curing for its flexo platemaking units, with the first such products available in the first quarter of 2015.

Glunz & Jensen has also said that it is talking with printing press manufacturers to incorporate UV LED technology in the drying modules of offset and flexo presses as well as with digital label presses.

Glunz & Jensen is also developing a field test module for curing surfaces in other applications such as paint and lacquer in the furniture industry.

All this comes as a result of Glunz & Jensen having acquired a 16.8 percent stake in Othonia Curing Technology, which has developed a computer controlled UV LED concept for curing surfaces. There are several benefits to using LED curing, as there’s no warm up needed, significantly reducing the energy usage and the heat generated. The lamps also last much longer.

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