Global Graphics appoints new CEO

Global Graphics has chosen Mike Rottenborn to take over as its CEO at the start of the new year, following Gary Fry’s decision to step down from the role.

Mike Rottenborn, who is due to take over as CEO of Global Graphics.

Fry, who has been CEO since 2008, has overseen a considerable transformation in the company as Global Graphics has evolved from mostly developing the Harlequin prepress workflow technology to now also providing software to improve inkjet print performance. Along the way, the company has also made several acquistions, including Meteor Inkjet, which develops solutions for driving inkjet devices, and Xitron, which sells prepress solutions. 

Mike Rottenborn is an interesting choice. He founded Hybrid Software in 2007, and has been President and CEO of the company since then. He will give up this role to take on the Global Graphics job. 

It’s worth noting that Global Graphics and Hybrid Software are linked together through Guido Van der Schueren, who is chairman of the board of both companies. He owns Hybrid Software and tabled a bid for Global Graphics in 2018, which I’ve covered here, before opting for a different approach and has since become the majority shareholder. Indeed, a member of Hybrid Software’s staff described Global Graphics to me at this year’s Label Expo as “a company that we are slowly taking over.” So, this appointment could be seen as part of this ongoing process.

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