Foliant launches Multi-functional Inprinting Unit

Intelligent Finishing Systems, or IFS is to offer Foliant’s new Multi-functional Inprinting Unit from next month to the UK market. It’s designed to be added to an existing laminator such as the B3 and B2 models from Vega, Mercury and Taurus.

It uses the sleeking process whereby the foil or varnish is applied to pre-printed black toner. The sheet can then be reprinted mono or four colour. This unit will work with a wide range of colours including gold, silver, red and green and a clear gloss for spot varnish.

Bryan Godwyn, Managing Director of IFS, says that it’s an affordable way of adding extra value, noting: “One of the of the Foliant’s main benefits is its ability to apply good, constant pressure and keep the sheets flat to produce high quality results.”

The solution will suit a broad range of end uses from corporate stationery to POS and book covers.

It will be demonstrated at the Real Print and Finish Open House, Hemel Hempstead, March 15 – 17.

There’s a short film with more information:

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