Filemaker 14 cross platform database released

Filemaker, which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary, has released the latest version of its eponymous database, Filemaker 14. In that time FileMaker has shipped more than 20 million copies of its Mac and PC offering, and over 1.5 million downloads of its FileMaker Go app for iPad and iPhone. Filemaker 14 now includes support for other mobile platforms including Android.

This latest version continues to address the relationship between the desktop and mobile versions, which is critical for many of FileMaker’s users who rely on tablets in the field but need to connect with a desktop version. Thus FileMaker 14 includes improvements to the WebDirect feature introduced with v13, that lets Filemaker run in mobile browsers on tablets. This is said to be up to 25 percent faster when opening most web-optimised layouts. It also has doubled the number of supported concurrent connections (from 50 to 100).

WebDirect also gains a redesigned toolbar that automatically adapts to the screen size of users’ browsers on desktops or tablets, with larger tap targets, slide-in menus that dynamically optimise screen real estate, and menus that collapse and expand into logical groups as the screen size changes or the user rotates the device.

There’s a new iOS 8-style interface in FileMaker Go 14. Developers can easily make solutions full screen by using scripts or swiping to hide the user interface. They can lock in portrait or landscape views and use new video and audio playback controls to create self-paced training applications.

Filemaker has also tidied up its scripting, with a Script Workspace that consolidates the creation, editing and viewing of scripts and calculations.

Other features include security enhancements for FileMaker Server Admin Console protect data and solutions through stronger password controls and automatic reconnection from Pro to Server versions.

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