Esko expands flexo facility

Esko has expanded its flexo plate making capacity, which is based in Itzehoe, Germany, with a new facility in the same area in order to bring all of its flexo platemaking business under one roof, from research to production.

Esko has expanded the Itzehoe plant in Germany where it makes the CDI flexo plate imagers.

Esko designs and manufacturers its Crystal and Spark flexo plate imaging devices as well as the XPS Crystal flexo plate exposure system at Itzehoe. Udo Panenka, president of Esko, explained: “Itzehoe will continue to be the epicenter of everything flexo-related, from development to service delivery.” He added: “We are well positioned to tap into the significant opportunities to simplify and automate the entire flexo platemaking process, from design to the finished plate ready to be mounted on the press, and we are pursuing those on behalf of our customers and the industry at large. We are extremely pleased with this important milestone, and we are looking forward to a bright and innovative flexo future!”

Esko has also added a Customer Experience Center to demonstrate its approach to flexo platemaking. This will cover everything from design and prepress, through color management, flexo plate preparation, imaging and exposure, right up to cutting plates ready for mounting on the printing press.

Holger Jacobsen, Esko’s Plant Manager, commented: “Everyone – from the architect and builder to all of our suppliers and staff – worked together to achieve a challenging schedule. It’s a modern environment, a great workplace for our staff, and a welcoming setting where we will host many visitors in the future.”

Esko’s headquarters remains at Ghent in Belgium. Further details on Esko from


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