EOS develops new 3D flexible polymer

EOS, which has developed a number of production 3D printers, has announced a new flexible polymer material, EOS TPU 1301, designed for mass production applications.

EOS has worked with BASF to develop this TPU 1301 flexible material for 3D printing.

Thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, is widely used in applications that demand elastomeric properties and that need easy to process capabilities. It’s a white material, with good hydrolysis resistance, as well as high UV-stability. 

Tim Rüttermann, senior vice president of Polymer Systems & Materials at EOS, commented: “The EOS TPU 1301 offers a great resilience after deformation, very good shock absorption, and very high process stability, at the same time providing a smooth surface of the 3D-printed part. As such the material is particularly suited for applications in footwear, lifestyle and automotive – such as cushioning elements, protective gears, and shoe soles.”

Moritz Kugler, product manager for Polymers at EOS, added: “We jointly developed the material that leads to the EOS TPU 1301. BASF as one of the biggest suppliers of TPU materials is supporting EOS in ensuring a robust supply chain and batch consistency. EOS with its 30 years of experience in managing the interaction between laser and powder provided the background knowledge and know how on designing a laser sintering material and powder. Our material development teams have a deep understanding of what kind of properties a laser sintering powder should have (e.g. rheology). This is crucial to develop an actual laser sintering powder and had a significant influence on the final powder formulation.”

This material is available now. You can find further information at eos.com.

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