Elcograf in HP T490 double install

The Italian printing company Elcograf has installed two HP PageWide T490 systems in its Cles plant in northern Italy. 

The Italian printing group Elcograf has installed two HP T490 inkjet web presses.

Elcograf mainly specialises in printing books, magazines and catalogues. It has grown through acquisitions to become one of the largest companies in Italy, with some 1000 staff and seven production plants. It was created in 2012 following the take-over of Mondadori Printing by Pozzoni, which themselves date back to 1907 and 1913 respectively. However, the company has since also acquired Clays in the UK, Eurogravure and, last December, Canale and C Italia.

It operates a wide range of presses, including a monochrome Timson web press, plus sheetfed offset, web offset and gravure. Last September the company installed four new sheeted offset presses complete with LED UV ink curing and their associated binding lines for book production.

The two HP machines replace two Cameron book presses and their related prepress and setup processes and will be used as two production machines for medium-high runs. Elcograf is planning to print on white or cream uncoated paper offset with or without wood, though the company noted that it is also possible to use coated papers.

Naturally, since the Cameron presses combined both printing and finishing, Elcograf has also had to invest in associated finishing equipment. The company has installed a system from VITS International that allows it to change the sheets on the fly with minimal waste between one book and another, plus equipment from Muller Martini for in-line finishing. Domenico Fasoli, Plant Manager at Elcograf, explained: “Our configuration allows us to start with white paper and end up with the final product in pallets. We have basically reproduced the flow of the Cameron, but with digital printing.”

Fasoli says this investment was made because the company needed more productivity, adding: “The HP system is incredibly easy to use and the transition has been smooth, thanks to the support we received from HP every step of the way. This is more than a simple deal: it is the beginning of a partnership which, I am sure, will help us improve our business.”

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