CorelDraw Graphics Suite X 7 released

Corel has updated its CorelDraw design program with the release of the Graphics Suite X7. This boasts a new interface that lets users choose between six pre-set workspaces, with options for page layout and illustration, and even for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
It also gains improved control over fills and transparency with the ability to create elliptical and rectangular fountain fills and to control transparency within the individual colours of a fountain fill. There’s better control over fonts, including support for Opentype fonts and for asian fonts. It also has a QR Code Generator that can include colours, images and text in the QR codes. It can also check that the QR code is validated for all mobile devices with one click.
The Graphics Suite contains several programs bundled together, including: CorelDraw for vector illustration and page-layout; PowerTrace, for bitmap-to-vector tracing utility; Photo Paint for image-editing; Connect to locate digital content; Website Creator, for website design; Capture, for taking screen shots with one click; PhotoZoom Pro 3: a plug-in for exporting and enlarging digital images from Photo Paint; ConceptShare, for collaborating artwork with other designers. And, of course, just for good measure, Corel has also bunged in several thousand clipart items and royalty free images.
It’s priced at £399 plus VAT with upgrades at £179 plus VAT. It can also be bought through a monthly subscription, from £22.95.
Corel has also released a number of free apps to complement CorelDraw, including Patterns for iOS7, which can create patterns from digital photos. These can be shared and synced with CorelDraw X7 through the Corel Content Exchange, or with other applications such as Photoshop. There’s also a new version of the Designs app for Windows 8.1 that lets users find and share images from the Corel Content Exchange, iStockPhoto, Fotolia and other galleries, which can be synchronised with CorelDraw through Microsoft OneDrive.

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