Canon introduces VarioPrint i200 inkjet press

Canon has announced a new sheetfed inkjet press, the Océ VarioPrint i200, essentially a cheaper version of the existing i300 that was launched in 2015.

The sheetfed Océ VarioPrint i200 runs at 200ppm but can be upgraded to the 300ppm VarioPrint i300.

The i200 uses the same ink, print head and paper handling technology as the VarioPrint i300 but with a slower speed of 200 pages per minute. It can print to coated, uncoated and inkjet treated paper. The new printer, and newly built i300s, gains new paper feeding options to run tabs and pre-punched stocks. This will also be offered as an upgrade for existing i300s. The i200 itself can also be upgraded to an i300 at a later date.

Canon has also announced a new option to use MICR inks for both the i200 and i300. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition requires special readers to decode the magnetic signals and is widely used for financial documents to counter fraud.

There’s also a new generation Océ PrismaSync 5.0 controller for both models, which features a full native PDF workflow. It also offers better interoperability with other PrismaSync systems.

Hayco van Gaal, senior manager for Sheetfed Presses at Canon Europe, commented: “As the high-speed inkjet printing market continues to grow, it’s vital that we expand our portfolio in line with what our customers really need, as well as supporting them in choosing the right solution for their business.”

The Océ VarioPrint i200 will be available in Europe from June 2017.

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