Bobst demonstrates new K5 Metalliser

Bobst has shown off its new K5 Expert metalliser unit, which is essentially an updated version of the K5000 metalliser. It’s designed to cope with increasing demands for higher productivity in the packaging industry and can un at speeds up to 1200m/min.

It’s available in widths from 2450mm to 3650mm and can house increased roll diameters of up to 1270mm. It boasts the largest coating drum in the industry at 700mm, which Bobst claims is 16 percent more efficient at collecting, and therefore uses less aluminium.

It has a number of new features, including a totally redesigned evaporation source providing the widest coating window in the market, low friction Ferrofluidic seals for improved tension control on the rewind, plus the Automatic Sequential Control (ASC) system which speeds up start-up of the machine with minimum operator involvement required. It comes with a more intuitive HMI screen and software interface that should make the machine easier to use and reduce the cost of training operators. The new design of the machine allows the operator to operate everything from the front of the machine and to be positioned much closer to view the evaporation source and metallization process through the strobe window.

Bobst says that it has reduced the total cost of ownership by 25% compared to other metallisers available in the market. This is partly down to reducing the energy consumption, by up to 50 percent during standby, and cutting consumable waste with a new Film Save mode that has a faster synchronised shutter action and aluminium wire ramp up to minimise the amount of un-metallised film (waste) to less than 400m per roll.

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