Bencis completes Xeikon acquisition

Bencis Capital Partners has now completed its purchase of Punch International’s controlling interest in Xeikon, making Bencis the largest shareholder of the company. The remaining shares are held by the Gimv-XL fund as a minority shareholder. Bencis is an independent private equity firm that invests in medium-sized companies in the Benelux countries. Gimv-XL, managed by Gimv, is the largest investment fund for midcap companies in Flanders.
This means that Xeikon now has the capital that it needs to continue developing new products, specifically the Trillium liquid toner press. This is due to shortly start beta testing and should be available next year.
Wim Maes, the former CEO who stepped down at the end of last year is to come back as CEO, following the departure of Frank Deschuytere.

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