Bagel improves Digifav laminator

Bagel Systems has improved the performance of its Digifav B2 laminator with a new Pro version. Working together with its film partner Deprosa, Bagel has increased the roller surface by 50% and the contact surface between film and roller by 130%. Dean Stayne, Sales Manager, Terry Cooper Services says that this reduces energy consumption, adding: “But more significantly it improves film and print behaviour during the laminate process resulting in less paper waste and greater production efficiency.”

The Digifav laminators are compact models, capable of producing up to 4,000 sheets an hour or 30 meters per minute, up from the previous model’s 22 meters per minute. In addition, Bagel has enlarged the format size to 530 x 750 mm and dropped the working temperature by 15% less than the older Digifav B2 laminator.

The Bagel laminators are sold through Terry Cooper Services (TCS) in the UK.


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