Asahi launches new digital plate

Asahi Photoproducts has launched a new plate in the Pinning Top Dot Technology (PTD) family. The AFP-TSP (Top Soft Pinning) is for paper, folding carton and corrugated board applications, as well as for all flexible packaging such as aluminium or film substrates.

It’s available in four thicknesses with Shore A hardness ranging from 48 to 69, and complements the harder AFP-TOP plates launched last year. They offer a resolution of 175 lpi. They’re compatible with water-based, solvent and most UV-curable inks. These plates are also compatible with the latest screening and micro-cell technologies, making them suitable for the broadest range of today’s imaging technologies and application demands.

The PTD technology facilitates clean ink transfer and prevents ink accumulating on the plate surface and on shoulders in screen areas. This in turn reduces plate cleaning and press downtime. AFP-TSP plates allow the kiss-touch pressure setting, extending plate life and further reducing downtime and increasing margins.

Asahi uses a specially engineered polymer chemistry that creates a low plate surface tension, which causes ink to form a globule and remain on the dot without running down the shoulders. This creates a higher ink profile with a large contact angle and high pinning point that delivers cleaner ink transfer from plate to substrate.

These plates allow for homogeneous ink transfer in solid and line work, and better control of ink trapping when different colour inks are printed on top of each other. They are also said to have a more malleable structure than other flexo plates, reducing plate lift.

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