AMFG teams up with Leo Lane

AMFG, which develops workflow software for additive manufacturing, has signed a strategic partnership with Leo Lane, which offers file security and IP protection for additive manufacturing.

AMFG produces workflow automation software for additive manufacturing.

This means that the two companies are working to integrate their solutions together so that AMFG’s MES system will gain the Leo Lane software for protecting IP, securing and real-time tracking of digital assets, enforcing control over consistency, quality and quantity of parts and products as part of a secured workflow management system.

The two companies will continue to sell their own software products separately so that only those customers that work with both companies will have access to the integrated capabilities and will be able to create and use existing files protected and enforced by LEO Lane through the AMFG workflow software. However, this is obviously working as the two companies say they have already picked up one new client as a result of this arrangement. 

Keyvan Karimi, CEO of AMFG, explained: “Customers want to be sure that all files and data are secure as they go about managing their AM operations. LEO Lane brings a wealth of experience, credibility and forward-thinking to AM security, and our partnership further enhances AMFG’s holistic approach to managing additive manufacturing workflows.”

You can find further details on AMFG here and Leo Lane here.

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