Alwan partners with Compose

Alwan has added its DeviceLink technology to Compose systems’ LinkProfiler plug-in for the Harlequin RIP, bringing color management, TAC reduction, and ink savings directly to the production workflow.
Elie Khoury, founder and president of Alwan Color expertise explains the benefits of this new solution: “Matching colours, problem-free printing, and minimum cost are the three requirements that most print providers have. Small print margins and short delays do not allow printers anymore to re-print a job due to imperfectly prepared files. Alwan LinkProfiler plug-in allows Harlequin RIP users to use the colour management framework provided by their RIP to create and apply Alwan DeviceLink profiles as part of the RIP’ing process. Alwan DeviceLinks will colour manage RIP’ed files and/or limit their ink coverage (TAC) and/or optimize their black generation automatically and without any manual intervention. When this is done, the printer can be confident that the job being printed on his analog press or digital printer will be free of problem and generating maximum profits.”
Alwan LinkProfiler plugin is available in 3 versions – Prepress, Press and ECO – with a price starting from 1,800€/$2,340.

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