Epson recycles office paper

9th December 2015

Epson has developed a machine that can recycle shredded copy paper into new paper suitable for office use. The PaperLab is a reasonably compact machine that’s meant to sit in an office and will give companies the ability to securely destroy old documents and turn them into new paper, without having to send the papers away or employ a specialist service provider. Continue reading “Epson recycles office paper”

Avery Dennison expands label recycling

26th March 2015

Avery Dennison and Belgian-based Seliplast AG (which is an acronym for Second Life for Plastics) have launched a recycling scheme for label matrix waste made of polypropylene and polyethylene. The programme is now available to converters in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France. Continue reading “Avery Dennison expands label recycling”