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  • Epson and DBJ invest in 3DEO

    Epson and DBJ invest in 3DEO

    Epson, together with the Development Bank of Japan or DBJ, has invested in an American startup company, 3DEO, which specialises in a hybrid additive manufacturing services for producing metal parts and primarily caters to the aerospace, medical, semiconductor and industrial markets.

  • Xaar teams up with Quantica

    Xaar teams up with Quantica

    Xaar and Quantica have signed an agreement that will see Xaar manufacture Quantica’s ultra high viscosity NovoJet printhead at its factory in Huntingdon and will also allow Xaar to sell the NovoJet heads itself.

  • Adphos curing for batteries

    Many readers may be familiar with Adphos, which develops near infrared technology that can be used for drying some inkjet inks. The Adphos Group also includes Adphos Thermal Processing, which has developed a new drying solution for anode and cathode water-based and solvent-based coatings that can be used for producing battery cells.

  • Reasons to be cheerful

    So, here we are, more or less still at the start of a new year, usually a time full of dreams and hopes, but especially so this year. Last week I wrote about the major issues we saw in 2020 and now I want to follow that story up with a broad brush look at…

  • Change and continuity

    The technology that underpins the printing industry is constantly evolving and so it is inevitable that this website should also change to keep up. I began originally by covering the commercial printing industry under the banner ‘Technology for the graphic arts’ and then expanded that to write also about industrial printing with the title ‘Graphics…

  • Kodak expands plate production out of UK

    Buried at the bottom of a Kodak press release on its Sonora plates is the small detail that Kodak’s only UK plate manufacturing facility in Leeds will be shut down by mid- to late-2015. Kodak has instead invested in two other plants, in Germany and in China, and is looking for a site in the…

  • FFEI moves to new facility

    FFEI has bought a new facility for its product development and manufacturing operations in Hemel Hempstead, UK, allowing it to move out of its current rented premises in early July. The company has invested over £2m in the new building. Managing director Andy Cook commented: “Building on the success of our Inkjet Label press, Caslon,…