Tag: Environmentally-friendly

  • Innovia introduces Encore label film

    Innovia Films has launched a new label film, Encore C45cn, the company’s first carbon neutral BOPP label film. It’s been certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC Plus) programme as carbon neutral on a mass balance and cradle to gate basis,

  • Recyclable alternative to PVC panels

    Sku Driver, a British company that produces temporary and permanent printed POS displays out of compostable non-plastic, has helped develop a new printable plastic material, Composta Base that can be used as an alternative to PVC panels. 

  • Fujifilm Tilburg plant completely wind-powered

    Fujifilm has demonstrated its continuing commitment to the environment by using wind energy for its European plate making plant in Tilburg.

  • Ingede certifies KBA inkjet press

    Ingede, the International Association of the Deinking Industry, has certified KBA’s RotaJET L-Series web-fed inkjet presses as extremely deinkable.

  • Earthinks launches green gravure inks

    Earthinks, a relatively new company that specializes in developing environmentally-friendly inks, has announced a new range of gravure inks and specialist coatings, which are made from sustainable and non-polluting resources.

  • Less is more

    Less is more New European rules mean that all new domestic electronic devices, from TVs and fridges to computers and peripherals, now have to automatically put themselves to sleep when not in use to save energy. This is part of the EU’s Ecodesign initiative, which has also outlawed high-wattage vacuum cleaners and will extend energy…

  • Charger with automatic off launched

    Harri Tiainen, a Finnish inventor has developed a battery charger for mobile devices that can automatically cut the electric current once the device is charged.

  • QPS to distribute BioMedia

    Quality Print Services (QPS) is to distribute BioMedia in the UK, following the collapse of Ilford Imaging, which had developed the material. Thus QPS is currently looking for resellers in the wide-format printing sector. BioMedia is a biodegradable wide format media that uses a unique enzyme that thrives under anaerobic landfill conditions and accelerates breakdown,…