Sun Chemical to increase ink prices

Sun Chemical has announced a new price increase for its solvent- and water-based liquid inks in Europe, which will come into effect 15 January 2019.

Sun Chemical produces a wide range of different inks.

For most products, the price increase will be around 4-5 percent but could be much higher for those products that use certain pigments such as R169. 

This is due to rising costs in some of the raw materials used to manufacture inks, including solvents, acrylic derivatives, organic pigments and polyols and isocyanates, which are the basic building blocks for numerous resins.

The Chinese government has also pursued several initiatives to enforce tighter environmental regulations at chemical plants, which has further disrupted supply. 

Felipe Mellado, Chief Marketing Officer for Sun Chemical, explained: “Certain raw material production, especially the ones with more environmental impact, moved to China many years ago. New countries could be a producer in the future (like India), but still we are very dependent on China. We are continuously looking for alternative suppliers and working to develop new ones.”

On Brexit, Mellado warns: “We don’t expect disruptions in the UK but prices will be affected by the exchange rate of the pound against dollar and euro.”

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