Sabic launches three new 3D filaments

Sabic has announced three new filaments for use with FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printers. They’re meant for end-use parts as well as prototypes.

Sabic Ultem AMHU1010F and Lexan AMHC620F are FDM filaments aimed at healthcare applications.

The new materials include Ultem AM1010F, which offers high heat resistance (a glass transition temperature of 217°C) and high mechanical strength. It can be used in applications such as short-cycle injection molding tools, carbon-fiber layup tools, and automotive components. The filament is UL94 V-0 compliant at 1.5 mm and 5VA compliant at 3.0 mm.

There are also two filemants aimed at healthcare applications including surgical instruments, single-use devices and casts/splints. Thus Ultem AMHU1010F is a polyetherimide (PEI) product manufactured from Ultem HU1010 healthcare-grade resin that has an inherent high heat resistance. It’s an unpigmented filament and is biocompatible. Parts printed with this can be sterilized using gamma radiation, ethylene oxide (EtO) or steam autoclaving. It is UL94 V-0 compliant at 1.5 mm and 5VA compliant at 3.0mm. 

The third of these new filaments is Lexan AMHC620F, a polycarbonate filament, available in white. This too is biocompatible and can be sterilized with gamma or EtO methods. This filament meets UL94HB rating at 1.5mm.

Keith Cox, Sabic’s senior business manager for Additive Manufacturing, commented: “Today’s launch of these three additional filament products, together with plans to continue expanding our additive manufacturing product portfolio, demonstrate Sabic’s determination to further the evolution of this technology and enable application innovation.”

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