Roland releases two new 3D dental machines

Roland DG has built upon its range of 3D printers, announcing its first 3D printer specifically developed for the dental market. The DWP-80S has been designed for producing dentures.

The new DWX-52DC is a dental milling machine that can store up to six discs.

Kohei Tanabe, Roland DG’s general manager of medical market development says: “Dental labs are seeking a more efficient, flexible digital solution to expedite the production of denture applications to accommodate the increasing demand from patients and clinics.”

The DWP-80S uses a proprietary projector lens to cure resin materials with UV-LED light. It has an 80mm square build area.

It comes with a new wizard-driven Quick Denta software for producing custom trays, base plates and frameworks. It analyses the precision and fit required to determine the optimum number and layout of support points and compensates for material shrinkage factors.

Roland has also shown off a new dental milling machine, the DWX-52DC, able to cope with various dental restorations from crowns and bridges to surgical guides. This is another desktop-sized machine and can be left running overnight for increased productivity. It can store up to six discs and includes a pin-type material adapter for setting up and milling of seven pin-type blocks consecutively. 

It has a 15-station Automatic Tool Changer that can automatically replace milling burs without interruption. It can handle several materials including zirconia, wax, PMMA, composite resin, PEEK, gypsum, CoCr sinter metal and fibre-reinforced resin.

An air pressure system automatically changes the volume of air for the type of material being milled.

Both machines will be shown at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany at the end of this month.

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