QuarkXpress updated for 2016

Quark has started to talk about its upcoming QuarkXPress 2016, the latest version of its desktop layout program.

The new version can import PDF, Illustrator and EPS files and convert them to native objects. This includes fully-editable Bezier versions of vector graphics, real text and automatically extracted colours and fonts. It will also be possible to copy items from other applications such as PowerPoint, Illustrator or even InDesign and paste them into a QuarkXPress layout as native QuarkXPress objects.

Quark has also added an HTML5 Publications format to its App Studio for creating eBooks. The HTML5 Publications format should display pixel-perfect layouts on all modern desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers. Typographic features can be exported natively in HTML5 so there is no need to ‘Convert to graphic’ text that contains runarounds, colour opacity or has been justified. The new digital layout space offers near-WYSIWYG fixed layouts and typographic control for digital publishing. Better still, it’s also possible to add interactive elements.

Other improvements include support for OpenType Stylistic Sets, multi-gradient colour blends and v4 ICC profiles as well as the ability to make the Measurement palette 50% larger.

It uses the same XTensions interface as the 2015 version so that most plug-ins should work as before, though it’s still worth testing any XTensions that you rely on before committing.

Quark has said that anyone who buys the current version will get the new version for free, and that existing customers can upgrade for half the price between now and the release of the new version, scheduled for the second quarter of 2016, which basically means sometime from April onwards.

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