Quark updates Content Automation Platform

Quark has released the latest 14.3 version of its Quark Content Automation Platform, which mostly features improvements to the editing workflow.

Quark has further updated its Content Automation platform.

The Content Automation Platform isn’t a product in its own right, or to be more accurate, Quark sees its various products as just being modules of this platform, which might come as a surprise to some Quark users. This includes Quark Publishing Platform, Quark Author, Quark XML Author and QuarkXPress Server.

This includes new spellcheck functionality and periodic local saves to document history snapshots and error recovery. Quark has also improved on the copy and paste functionality, including retaining the formatting when footnotes and endnotes and copied and pasted, as well as how it tracks changes and comments when they are copied and pasted, either within the same document or a new one. 

Quark has also made it easier to move and restructure content within a Quark Author document by just clicking on sections and choosing from a menu of options.

Chris Hickey, Quark CEO, commented: “The biggest driver behind our continuous updates to the Quark Content Automation Platform is helping our customers work as efficiently as possible. The many updates in the 14.3 release improve how content teams across marketing, sales, HR, legal, operations and other departments create, edit and update content. With better content processes, these teams can better serve their customers, partners and employees.”

You can find further details from quark.com.

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