Pantone adds metallic shimmers collection

Pantone has announced a new set of colours, Metallic Shimmers, a collection of 200 new metallic colours for fashion, interior and product designers.

Pantone has released a new Metallic Shimmers collection for home furnishings, fashion and sportswear.

This collection is available in three formats: a portable fan for quick colour reference and inspiration, with a single colour displayed on each 44.5 x 152mm page; single-volume three-ring binder with one colour per full page of perforated 20 x 30mm chips to add to mood boards, product sketches or provide to production partners; and as full 216 x 280mm sheets of colour that enable easy communication, specification, and evaluation throughout the production process 

The colours are printed on paper with a nitro-cellulose coating to enhance the metallic shades. There’s a broad range of hues from core basics such as Pantone 20-0002 Ice Palace and Pantone 20-0034 Golden Egg to lustrous takes in other colour families such as Pantone 20-0146 Magnetic Blue and Pantone 20-0131 Purple Sequin.

Brands will be able to license the colour identities to use the colour names in design solutions, product lifecycle management (PLM) systems or as part of a specification to suppliers.

Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, explained: “In a world of sheen and shine where the aim is to achieve an even greater degree of luminosity, metallic shine is being seen across every single category from fashion and furnishings to cars, consumer electronics and colour cosmetics.”

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