MPS launches EFS and EFA label presses

MPS has announced two new narrow web flexo presses, the EFS and EFA, though they really appear to be more of a rebranding of the older EF series press that has allowed MPS to drop the entry-level EB series.

MPS has launched this new entry level EFS narrow web flexo press.

Thus both presses are available in widths of 340, 430 and 530mm and both use the Ultraflex rail system that allows converting units, such as foiling, web turner bar and
screen printing, to be to be used at any location along the press, and to be easily moved to different positions. These can handle a range of substrates including thin unsupported films, self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves and cartonboard up to 450 μm.

The EFS is billed as the entry-level model though it benefits from many of the automation features that MPS has developed over the years. Thus it comes with automatic loading of job settings using Job Memory, AutoTeach for quick and automated register settings, and iStop for job changes with minimum waste and also includes iControl, Crisp.Dot, Quick Change Die station. There’s also an option to add the Talk to me connectivity.

It’s a good move and means that customers looking for an entry level press will now benefit from the more robust and advanced EF platform. 

I think it’s worth pointing out that there are really two different classes of entry-level narrow web flexo presses, which partly reflects market demand, but mainly the manufacturing capabilities of the press vendors. Thus the cheapest presses are those driven by a mechanical line shaft, which limits the degree of automation, and includes presses such as the Mark Andy P5, Nilpeter FB and Omet iFlex.

The new EFS fits into the more up-market type of entry-level press, which are generally simplified versions of more capable presses, with servo drives and the ability to automatically set the presses up according to pre-saved data. Thus this press will be competing against the Bobst MX1 and Gallus Labelmaster. This approach has obviously worked because MPS has already picked up orders from Denny Brothers, Label Makers and Abbey Labels. 

The EFA, which is a rebranded version of the older EF, is a more automated version that provides servo-controlled pressure settings for the print sleeves and aniloxes at each print station. It also gains slide-out ink drawers and includes the Talk to me connectivity as standard. 

Atze Bosma, CEO of MPS Systems, explained: “With full automation of all print pressure settings and the ergonomic slide-out ink drawer as a standard feature, this press is the ultimate in operator-friendliness. With all options for connectivity, it is the most future-proof solution for a printer’s business.”

Naturally, MPS will show these presses at next month’s Label Expo show in Brussels, Belgium. You can find more details on both of these presses at

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