Konica Minolta updates print management software

Konica Minolta has updated its AccurioPro Flux software which deals with print management.

AccurioFlux now comes with a much improved preflighting function.

The main new feature for version 7.6 is that there’s now a preflight option, Flux Preflight Pro, a built in pre-flight engine that incorporates more than 80 predefined preflight profiles for a host of actions including colour conversion, PDF analysis, PDF fixups, PDF compliance and process plans. It’s available for both the Premium and Ultimate versions but not the more basic Essential level.

Other new features include seamless integration, a quicker and cheaper connection than an external application as well as reduced maintenance as it eliminates the need to buy and maintain a second application.

Achim Ricks, Konica Minolta Europe’s Production Printing application manager, commented: “Competition amongst printers remains fierce and our customers continue to look for greater automation and efficiency, in addition to the high print quality and productivity of their printing presses, to remain competitive.”

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