International Print Day

International Print Day

Today, Wednesday 14th October, is International Print Day, so expect a lot of stories all over the press and social media about how wonderful print is, and try to forget that you’re reading this on a screen. Ironically, the success of last year’s event was measured in the number of tweets – 8,683 – though it would seem more appropriate to, you know, actually print something?

Far be it from me to suggest that the whole thing is just a lot of meaningless marketing hype, but I think that print is a valuable and strong enough media form to survive without this cheerleading.

But, in case anyone is unsure that they really do love print, or just too stupid to write their own tweets, the helpful people at the Two Sides campaign have produced a bunch of fact sheets and tweet-ready results to prove that most consumers really do prefer to read some things in print. Personally, I thought that was obvious…

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