Herma brings pharma labeler to US

Herma’s US subsidiary is planning to introduce a new labelling machine for the pharma sector that complies with the US Food and Drug Administration standards.

Herma brings this 211 HC label printer for the pharmaceutical sector to the US market.

The Herma 211 HC Wrap-around Labeler is a semi-automatic unit that should prove useful for the smaller-batch manufacturing typically found in biopharmaceuticals settings as well as for drug companies moving from clinical trials to full production. 

It’s derived from Herma’s standard 211, with the HC standing for Healthcare. Herma has added PLC control and says that labels that are rejected by the vision system can be left on the backing paper rather than being applied to the product so that it complies with pharmaceutical printing requirements. It can be fitted with various printers including hot foil, thermal transfer or laser and is typically for printing barcodes and expiry dates.

It’s suitable for labeling a wide range of cylindrical products including syringes, tubes, glass vials and ampoules. It can apply around 30 labels per minute and can handle webs as wide as 80mm, and products ranging in diameter from 10-120mm. It also includes the ability to print and inspect variable information on labels, with any defective labels automatically rejected without being applied to the product. The products are placed into the rotating roller prism where a pivot beak lowers and applies the label, after which the product is removed manually.

It uses Herma’s standard 400 Label Applicator though Herma is gradually replacing this with the new 500 series. 

Peter Goff, CEO of Herma US, says that it’s designed to be compact without compromising on accuracy or performance, adding: “And as specialty medicines and limited-run biopharmaceutical products becomes increasingly prominent, the unit also meets the growing need for modest yet robust machines for smaller, highly precise batch production.”

It’s already available in the European market, though there’s nothing on the Herma website to indicate this. It will be shown in the US at the Healthcare Packaging Expo in September in Las Vegas, Nevada although it is already available. 

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